Contributes to a healthy digestive system Promotes regularity Formulated with fibers, herbs, and probiotics.


A large amount of scientific research over the years that have been carried out with increasing professionalism confirms that if a person does not have a healthy digestive system, they will be prone and at the mercy of a series of different diseases. Therefore it is the responsibility of each person to maintain a healthy digestive system.
Contributes to a healthy digestive system Promotes regularity Formulated with fibers, herbs, and probiotics. For the first time, the natural cleansing and lubricating properties of aloe vera are added and combined with matcha green tea, that stimulates and strengthens the immune system, in addition to being a natural antioxidant, This added detoxification and cleaning formulas, will achieve the greatest effect on the person’s body.
It is a 100% natural formula
It is practical and easy to use, the treatment only lasts 3 days.
Its formula not only cleanses but also detoxifies, the system.
It also contains Probiotics that will help protect the stomach naturally.
Aloe Vera Gel with Matcha
Aloe Vera Gel (Aloe barbadensis)
Matcha Green Tea powder (Camelia sinensis)
Body Cleanse & Detox
Formula de Dia 1000mg
Milk Thistle Extract 80% (Silybum marianum)
Dandelion Root (Traxacum officinale)
Turmeric Root (Curcuma longa)
Red Clover Buds (Trifolium pratense)
Soy Lecithin
Chlorella Seaweed (Chlorella vulgaris)
Echinacea Root (Echinacea angustifolia)
Butternut Bark (Cucurbita moschata)
Night Formula 1000 mg
Senna Leaves (Senna alexandrina)
Flaxseeds Powder (L. usitatissimum)
Psyll Plantago ovata)
Licorice Root (Glycyrrhiza glabra)
Marshmallow Root (Althaea officinalis)
Apple pectin
Cascara Sagrada Bark (Rhamnus purshiana)
Lactobacillus acidophilus 1 Billon
How to take it:
Take the bottle of Aloe Vera and shake well before using it.
Pour the Aloe Vera into the same lid that will be used as a measure, then dissolve it in an 8 oz. glass of water or juice.
Take 2 capsules of the Formula of Day in the morning.
At night repeat the same operation, but take 2 full servings of Aloe Vera dissolved in 8 oz. of water or juice and, take 2 capsules of the Night Formula, before going to bed.
Carry out this operation for 3 days, during which you should hydrate properly with water or electrolytes.

Additional information




Strawberry, Blueberry, Sugar, Vanillin




77 mg

Total Fat

0.1 g

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